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Posted by greywulfe

Windows default user - loggin in with a specific account

I have a computer with multiple accounts. Normally the account I log in with is the admin account that I installed team viewer on.

Sometimes when I reboot the computer, teamviewer defaults to another windows account. I have to log off, log in and keep doing it until I get to the admin account. How do I set teamviewer so it logs into a specific windows account?

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Posted by iainwels

Re: Windows default user - loggin in with a specific account

Hello greywulfe,

How do you mean logging into a windows account when you startup you're pc? Is this not a windows problem? If you could define you're problem more maybe i could help you to solve the issue!

Thank you for using teamviewer!

I hope this helps.

With kind regards, Met vriendelijke groet,
Iain Wels,
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