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Posted by twif

Work with a program with a faulty or missing monitor.

Just a question:
can TimVyuver manage a computer that has a malfunctioning (missing) monitor, provided that the programs are in startup and devices are trusted (easy access without a password) for one account?

Now in detail:
on one of the computers the old picture tube monitor is about to fail. Since the purchase of a new one is impractical, I put on it (and on another computer) TheamWeivers (included with the inclusion of computers), tied it to one account and made easy access.
Will I be able to work on the second computer when the kinescope on the monitor of the first computer fails? Or a broken monitor will give some kind of prohibitive signal? Will it be possible to work on the first computer without a monitor at all?
(Unscrew the monitor and test the hypothesis, I do not know the possible consequences somehow dumb).

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Posted by IvanT

Re: Work with a program with a faulty or missing monitor.

Yes, it is possible to work with a remote computer via TeamViewer, even without a monitor at all. Just make sure that you set an TeamViewer autorun on Windows startup. If your remote computer located in the far distance of your workspace, you can set up automatically on/off of the remote machine to ease your process.
Also, if you want to get access to this computer from a different account set a defined password to get access with this password instead of generated one.
And remember device ID.
Besides if you have one LAN-network, you can get access to the remote computer by other programs.