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add on for chuwi alldocube voyo?

hello, i am seaching for a cheap tablet that can be remotely controlled by teamviewer

i am interested to the brands in subject, that are:




do you know if any of these brands are supported by teamviewer?

i ask yhis question because in the list of supported devices for remote control they are not specified, but the list ends with an 'and more...', so i dont know if they are included...

Let me know, thank you!!


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2 Replies
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Re: add on for chuwi alldocube voyo?

Hi @vicolodo 

Thank you for your post.

Kindly check out Supported manufacturers for remotely controlling Android devices for comprehensive lists. 

If the manufacturer you are looking for is not yet included, feel free to send us an email withil with your contact details, the name of your company, the name and number of the devices you want to remote control and your personal message to

Hope this information is helpful.



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Re: add on for chuwi alldocube voyo?

i asked to add add on support for ALLDOCUBE Android tablet, model FREE YOUNG X7
but i have not feedback yet.
Can you please start the development of the Add On ?
Please contact the Company ALLDOCUBE, skype contact name:

Let me know, thank you.