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can make remote connection but can't invoke any action on remote machine

I have 3 machines, 2 laptop and 1 PC which each of them installed teamviewer 14

1 PC windows 7 

1 Macbook pro 15'

1 Macbook pro 13'

And an iPhone7 with teamviewer mobile for testing as well

when I login any client of these 4, and try to remote control any of other ones,

with the correct remote id and password, I can make the remote connection successful, and switch the screen .etc, that's great

BUT, through any of these client, I can not invoke any actions on the remote machine, no mouse cliek, no keyboard type in anything. even i can't invoke the machine when it was playing the scren saver after screen lock. No matter I login my account and try to login my computer or just try to remote access by the id and randomly password, nothing works. How to fix this?

2 Replies
2 Replies
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Senior Moderator

Re: can make remote connection but can't invoke any action on remote machine

Hello @godLockin,

Thank you for your post.

For the Macbooks, are they running MacOS Mojave? If so, there are additional steps required that were introduced by Apple with MacOS Mojave that must be accomplished before remote control is possible. You can find more information here.

For iOS devices, it is only possible to share and view the screen, not control it. This is due to the restrictions placed on iOS devices by Apple as well. You can find more information here.

Lastly, could you please confirm you also have the same issue when connected remotely to the Windows device?

Thanks in advance!

Josh P.
Senior Moderator

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Re: can make remote connection but can't invoke any action on remote machine

thx Josh,
I've tried this among my iPhone and 1 Mac, which works for now

I'll do more testing among Mac VS. Mac, Mac VS. PC, iPhone VS. PC later