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Posted by elephant

can't log into account

Trying to log into our account through the program, I get an error every time that says
"Partner List Error: 
The username and password you entered do not match any accounts on record" 

and it clearly is lying because i logged into that same account in my browser.  i even changed my password to something simple that i knew wasn't being typed wrong and it STILL says the username/pw don't match accounts on record. INFURIATING!! 

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Posted by Erha-ah

Re: can't log into account


I assume this is a TeamViewer 12 user account? Is the account available in the management console (under the main/administrator account)?

If so, you could try to ask your administrator (or support department) to reset your password for you. 

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Posted by DomLan

Re: can't log into account

Hi elephant,

I apologize for the question, but I also sometimes make this kind of mistake. I happen to write my account (an email address) with some commas instead of a point.

It happens.


Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder
Posted by elephant

Re: can't log into account

I have 4 computers I use TeamViewer on and they're all assigned to my email address, and I can log into that email address/account (with the new password I made yesterday) on my other computer (haven't tried the other 2), but when I try to on my main computer it gives me the error. 

Posted by elephant

Re: can't log into account