email in use - can not create user account

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email in use - can not create user account

Trying to add a new user.

It is not letting me add a specific user. Saying there is already an account.

I have created another user. I have checked there is no old disable accounts etc.

Not sure where else to go.

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Re: email in use - can not create user account

Dear @NaughtyNat,

Thank you for your post. 

If TeamViewer tells you, that the email address you wanted to add is already in use, there is an existing TeamViewer account with this address. 
Do you have access to this email address? If yes, you are able to reset the password via "I forgot my password" and set a new password for the account. 
With the following link, you are able to join the company with the mentioned TeamViewer account:
For the joining it's neccessary to know the email address of the company administrator. He will receive a message that the new member wants to join and has to just confirm that. 

In the following articel, you'll find a detailed description:
How to add Users to a Company Profile

Please let me know, if there are any further questions.