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Posted by kebrir


 17.09.2018 at 22 00 Moscow time, or 00 00 ekb, my computer was hacked with the help of a teamviewer, it can be seen from the logs that the first hack was 22 00 MSK from the computer INETCLUB-103 (XXXXXXXXXX) "[XXXXXXXXXX, -XXXXXXXXXX]), was uploaded with the help of teamviewer **Third Party Product** admin and installed into the system, and the next steps were taken with it.In 01 00 MSK from the computer XXXXXXXXXX (ID [XXXXXXXXXX, -XXXXXXXXXX]), there was a second attempt at hacking through the teamviewer, As a result of the hacking, money was stolen in the amount of $ 500. I am interested in any data of intruders (names, ip addresses) that illegally entered my computer. to conduct a full check of these identifiers. XXXXXXXXXX is still online.

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1 Reply
Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Contact police

Hi @kebrir

I am sorry to hear what happened to you.

I recommend to contact the police and explain what happened. On top of that, please make sure to change your passwords to make sure that no one -execpt you- can access your devices.

All the best, Esther


Community Manager

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