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installation of a program

About a month ago, I purchased a product that was supposed to let me have access to MS Office 365. I followed directions, but could not get any links to install. I was then sent a request to install "Team Viewer", but I could not get this link to work. After requesting my money back, I was then sent a "key" for the program, with no instruction as to where I should enter this '"key", or any other directions. All I really want is a phone call (or I can cal) and someone to "walk" me through how to install the original program! [personal information removed by moderator] Thanks in advance for your help.

Jim Greathead

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Re: installation of a program

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your post.

You wrote in the TeamViewer Community. TeamViewer develops a software for remote support and online meetings. In this Community, we (users as well as staff members) offer support for TeamViewer related issues.

If you have any questions about TeamViewer we’ll be happy to help you.

But it sounds like you need support for MS Office. In this case, I recommend you to call the company which was selling the software to you. 

Thanks and all the best,