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Posted by Inkie

logfile is filled while i was not on teamviewer

Dear users of teamviewer!

Being new on TV and in this community, I have a question. And I've read that there are no stupid questions :)

 I was sitting next to my laptop who was asleep. I did nothing. Suddenly the laptop attracted my attention, cause the screen lighted up and things were moving. Google was actived and some tabs that I always have opened changed. I thought it to be strange, so I inspected what was going on. Ending up in the logfile of TV. A whole story was written in the logfile on this very day - today. Is that normal or not? Was it an update which was installed all by itself? Or am I being naive? 

Can somebody tell me? Or does someone has access to my computer that I do not know of? And where can I see that? 

I have TV installed in order to give acces now and then, when I need help.

And for your information: I've read the former postings and could not find answers.


Thank you very much for reading and even more for replying :-)



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Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: logfile is filled while i was not on teamviewer

Hello @Inkie,

Thank you for your message.

You are right, everyone is free to ask their questions and It is indeed not a stupid question at all. In fact, this is a very important topic.

First of all, if you have seen changes on your computer and you are 100% that it was NOT you, then someone took control of it. There is no that installs things by itself.

What we highly recommend you to do is to :

  1. Change the (TeamViewer) password of your device, so you make sure no one can access it anymore. To do so, open your TeamViewer application, go to Extras --> Options --> Security and change your personal password. For more information about passwords, you will find all you need in our Knowledge Base article here: All about passwords

  2. Go to back to your TeamViewer application, click on Remote Control and check if Easy access is enabled. If the box is ticked, untick it (see screenshot below):

    2019-04-04 17_50_07-TeamViewer.png

  3. When someone is connecting to you via TeamViewer, there will always be this little icon at the bottom right of your screen:  2019-04-04 17_43_32-TeamViewer Panel (minimized).png 

From now on, you will make sure no one can access your computer without you knowing it.

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



French Community Moderator
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