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Posted by nickoh

passwort changes during session


we use teamviewer (14. 6. 4835) in order to use skype as a babyphone (for a dog). since the skype connection breaks down every now and then, or we might schange the call to somebody else, we use teamviewer to do that.

so we open teamviewer and leave it open on the computer, so we can access it from our mobiles or another computer.

i know that the passwort changes every now and then, when one starts a new session, which is ok like that. but now it happened twice (on two different computers) that the pw changed while teamviewer was running. it was nobody accessing the computer but the program was running. i know that the computer did not restart, because teamviewer would not have restarted itself. i also know that i could set the preferences so that the pw would only change when i want it. but i would prefer it beeing like it was before with the pw changing (every now and then) after closing the program but not while the program is running.

what could be the reason and what could i do about it?

thank you