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police to controll for update in all cline

im work in it in company i have licen iwant to updata for all user by one computer

how to solve by updata control

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Posted by Former Staff
Former Staff

Re: police to controll for update in all cline

Hi khalid, 

Thank you very much for your post. 

If you have a Corporate licence, I would recommend updating your TeamViewer client via the MSI package. 

You can simply create a new GPO and deploy TeamViewer 12 in order to update all of your machines in one go.

If you do not have access to the MSI package, I am afraid you will have to update your TeamViewer clients manually . You can do this either by connecting to them and clicking on "Remote update" in the toolbar of your connection window or by selecting "Help > Check for new version" in the main window of the local TeamViewer client.

I hope this was helpful!

All the best,


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