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share an individual PC with a user


I would like to klnow if it's possible to share an individual PC with a user, the same way you would share a grouo?

You see, in our setup, I have some 60 users (Franchisers) that need o access only the computers of their own franchise so to use group share I would need to create a lot of groups with only one computer in them.


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Re: share an individual PC with a user

Hi @rbullrich

Could you try to change your perspective?
Your franchisers will probably install the full version of TeamViewer, so they will be able to connect to any IDs, if they are authorized.

Maybe it's more complicated, but you might try to create several host modules (or only one specific) to install on the 60 devices and bail access to them with specific credentials. At that point you will give each reference credentials and the stores pcs will accept only incoming connections.

Users will then be able to associate the devices with the group that you offer or their group "my devices"; In any case, the devices themselves will be visible to you since they have been reached by your channel users (I think you will give them a specific account of your TeamViewer corporate installation, right?)


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