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Team Viewer AD Connector Not Working

Hi everyone!
I m currently trying to integrate TV with Microsoft AD, in order for our staff to be able to connect to TV with their Microsoft Windows credentials, instead of the department's credentials.
I followed all the steps from integration instructions and despite that, I cannot find new users in TV Management Console and I cannot log inTV with any of AD user accounts.
The steps I followed:
First of all, I created a new distribution group in AD (on the Active Directory Server - having PowerShell v4), adding members that had no other team viewer account.
Secondly, I logged on TV Management Console, entered the administration 
Then I downloaded the AD connector (v 1.3.0), un-zip it and set the following configuration through the  UI:
This is the result in PowerShell (after save & run):
Am I missing something? I have to mention that I tried to log in TV with all the credentials combinations possible:
- [windows_username]@[domain].local      & password
- [windows_username]@[domain].com      & password
Thank you in advance!
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1 Reply
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Re: Team Viewer AD Connector Not Working

Hello @SoftTehnicaDev,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

Could you please try again and make sure to untick the box Test run?


If this box is ticked, it only simulates the synchronization but no accounts are transferred to your console.

Let me know if this has helped.

Best regards


French Community Moderator

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