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Cannot get TeamViewer to remote into computer using teamviewer app...only with chrome browser

I've installed TeamViewer v15.0.14842 on my Ubuntu Linux 18.04 install.

I initially used Chrome browser to see remote computers and log in, and not the open source viewer that is referenced.

When I attempt to use the opensource referenced viewer, nothing happens.

By accident, I had selected only use the open source to view remote computers...and now I cannot get out of this option.

I have deleted the profiles under the following:

sudo rm -rf /home/user/.config/teamviewer*

sudo rm -rf /home/user/.local/share/teamviewer*

As per the community, after a "complete" uninstall, but when I reinstall--after reboot--I note I still have the same issue.
I have checked my profile and other page links on my login, as well as the preferences in the TeamViewwer application on my laptop (Ubuntu 18.04), but I cannot find any option.

How do I restore the options to run from browser or other meams?


Chuck D.