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How to run TeamViewer for Linux on LXD

I have written a post on how to run TeamViewer for Linux on LXD,

 LXD is a container hypervisor, and allows you to create machine containers. These are containers that behave like computers/machines, meaning that the boot up and stay running. It is possible to run GUI programs in them, therefore you can confine an application into a container and still be able to run it.

I was unable to get TeamViewer 13 to work in a LXD container. TeamViewer 13 would not be able to connect to the network at all, and could just show that it can connect to local network computers.

I think that it would best serve the Linux community if the Linux version of TeamViewer was made available as a snap package. Skype makes their application avaialble as a snap package. The same goes with JetBrains.