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Re: TeamViewer 12 not connect in Fedora 25

Hello anyone that can continue and help me on this same issue. I applied all that I learned from this thread to my Fedora 25, and I can establish a session only when I am not login to my Fedora.

Right now I am using my Windows 7 to connect to my remote Fedora 25. I can see the session, I can see my login information, but as soon as I enter my password and Fedora starts to login, I got a black screen. Also, using the little gear next to my "sign in" button, I select GNOME on Xorg, but that did not help.

Is there any thing someone could guide me to solve this?

Thank you in advance,





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TeamViewer Staff

Re: TeamViewer 12 not connect in Fedora 25

Dear Mausilveira,

Thank you for your post.

Getting a black screen can be different issues. 

Are you using Full or Host version? What's the TeamViewer version?

What's your video adapter info? Are you using a headless system?

Please run the following command to get that information.

teamviewer info | grep TeamViewer | grep -v -e service -e exe
lspci -kvvv

We are looking forward to your comments.


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