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Can't login to Linux via TeamViewer App

I can't login to Kubuntu 16.04 and TeamViewer 9 (we've only bought licenses for 9 so we can't use anything newer) from the TeamViewer Android app. Connecting via TeamViewer isn't a problem but logging into Kubuntu doesn't work. My password doesn't work when it's through a TeamViewer connection. Local login is no problem. The password does contain special characters but nothing exotic.

If I log in and type the password into a text editor most of the letters are the same but some are mixed up. It's probably important to note that the destination computer has a German (Germany) keyboard connected. After adding the an English (US) keyboard layout to the possiblities on the destination computer typing the password into a text editor shows up correctly with EITHER keyboard layout selected.

Despite that success I still can't login when the screen is locked. How do I get it to work?


KDE Plasma 5.5.5

QT 5.5.1

Kernel 4.4.0-72-generic

Linux TeamViewer 9.0.32150 wine-1.6

Android TeamViewer 12.1.6675

Android 6.0 (US English language)

Swype and Android AOSP 6.0-9 Keyboards

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Re: Can't login to Linux via TeamViewer App

Dear MaxMustermann,

Thank you for your post.

Let's have a look at your system to diagnose your issue in depth.

May you please run the following commands and send us the output?

cat /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service | grep -i execstart= | tee info.log
cat localectl | tee -a info.log

With these commands, we're able to reproduce the issue and provide you a solution.

We are looking forward to your comments.

Best regards,


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Re: Can't login to Linux via TeamViewer App

System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8                                                                              
VC Keymap: n/a                                                                                           X11 Layout: de                                                                                            
X11 Model: pc105