Posted by NCCanesFan

Failed to install File error on Debian 8: 8.8

Unable to install Teamviewer 12.0.76279 on a Debian 8: 8.8 system due to "Failed to install file. An unspecified transaction error has occurred."

Does anyone know the resolution for this issue?


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2 Replies
Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Failed to install File error on Debian 8: 8.8

Dear NCCanesFan,

Thank you for your post.

This issue may be a corrupted download. It will be a good idea to re-download and try to install again.

Please run the following commands to complete this process. Make sure you're running as a root user.

cd /tmp
wget | tee install.log
dpkg -i  teamviewer_i386.deb | tee -a install.log
apt-get install -f -y | tee -a install.log

This will create an output into the file install.log. If you still have issues with your installation, please send us the output of this file.

We are looking forward to your comments.

Best regards,



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Posted by SimonC

Re: Failed to install File error on Debian 8: 8.8

Hi there, I tried the script you send on my Debian 8 with the same issue.
It does not helped, but here I have my output: [The URL link has been removed by a moderator. Please attached screenshot instead of putting the URL link.]