Posted by TerryBarnaby

Fedora 29 teamviewer-14.3.4730-0.x86_64 won't connect o a device

I have a Samsung Android tablet that I'm trying to connect to from a Fedora 29 Linux host using the teamviewer-14.3.4730-0.x86_64 RPM.

The teamviewer client is almost working: It displays its GUI, logs into the teamviewer servers and shows my Samsung tablet. When I double click on the tablet device the tablet pings and shows the status as being connected. Howvere on the Fedora side the status is shown as Connecting and then goes back to "Ready to connect" with no window opening for the connection. The tablet shortly goes back to the "Ready to connect" state. There are no error messages that I can see.

If I boot the same Laptop into MsWindows teamviewer works fine, so it doesn't sound like a network issue. I also tried teamviewer_13.2.75536.x86_64.rpm which had the same issue.

Any ideas ?