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Posted by gocool

How to pass a function key (say f12) to remote machine?

I am using linux and have yakuake installed on both my host and remote machine.

To activate yakuake (its a simple shell which dangles from top, so don't bother about it), I have to press f12. 

When ever I press f12, it brings the local yakuake and not the remote yakuake.


To put it simply, how to pass the f12 button to remote machine. Yes I have the "send key combination" checked, but not much help.



3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: How to pass a function key (say f12) to remote machine?

Dear gocool,

Thank you for your post.

Keep in mind that if you have the same shortcut on both devices this application will respond first on your local.

We recommend you set a custom shortcut on your remote device.

So that makes different from your local and TeamViewer is able to send it.

As an example, you may set open/retract Yakuake with CTRL+F11

We tested and works as expected on TeamViewer.

Keep in mind that send key combinations must be enabled.


Best regards,


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Posted by mys5droid

Re: How to pass a function key (say f12) to remote machine?

and how you do that?


not in options anywhere cant google nowhere to find how change f12


bloody TV

Posted by Ashark

Re: How to pass a function key (say f12) to remote machine?

If you are using kde (I guess you do, because you use yakuake) do the following:

  1. Press right mouse button on teamviewer window header or press alt+f3. Window menu will appear.
  2. In that menu go to More Actions -> Special Window Settings. Another window will appear.
  3. Go to Appearance & Fixes tab in that window
  4. Enable Ignore global shortcuts checkbox, then choose Force in the drop-down list, then check Yes radio button.Ignore global shortcuts.pngKDE ignore global shortcuts window rules


  5. Press OK button. Now you should be able to pass any shortcuts except changing keyboard layout (alt+shift) and switching to tty (ctrl+alt+f2). You can even move windows with alt + mouse drag in a remote machine while teamviewer window itself stays on its place!

Later you can find this rule in Kde settings -> Window Management -> Window Rules. So you can export that rule from there and share to any other system.