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Posted by tkintenn

Opensuse Leap 15 teamviewer 12 doesn't open

It worked on Tumbleweed changed to leap 15 and now it won't open. I

Leap 15, Gnome 3.26.1 fresh install. I've switch to Xorg and disabled wayland (which broke GDM). Nothing has worked.

Is there something else that needs to be done?

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Posted by mwelwarsky

Re: Opensuse Leap 15 teamviewer 12 doesn't open

Same problem here, fresh installation with KDE Plasma 5. Same issue.

Posted by MarkusHeberling

Re: Opensuse Leap 15 teamviewer 12 doesn't open

I have the same problem.

What does work for me is, to download the Windows Portable Version and run that with wine. I can do remote control incoming and outgoing with that. Also I can join meetings. Unfortunately I can't create a presentation meeting. Always get "Authentifizierung gescheitert" when I try to do that. If I am a participant in a meeting and someone makes ma a presenter the application crashes.

So if you only need the remote control options or passively join a meeting, use the windows portable version with wine. If you need to host meetings, you're out of luck at the moment...
Posted by achilles

Re: Opensuse Leap 15 teamviewer 12 doesn't open

I have confirmed this works for TeamViewer 12.0.93330:

1. Fixing the font library issue:

Download libfreetype6-32bit 2.6.3 from the Leap 42.3 repository here. Extract to /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/wine/lib/

Note: Using the Arch freetype library mentioned in this post does not work.

2. Fixing the libxcb issue:

Download libxcb1-32bit 1.11.1 from the Leap 42.3 repository here. Install the rpm with 

# rpm -i --force libxcb1-32bit.rpm

make sure you lock libxcb1-32bit in Yast so it does not get updated.

Alternatively you can keep libxcb1-32bit 1.13 but you need to recompile it with CFLAGS="%depflags -O1" in the specfile. I have not tried it yet but compiling the library for 32bit on 64bit systems does not seem trivial.