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Optimal TeamViewer Requirements / Building a TeamViewer Terminal

Does anyone have a set of optimal system requirements as a sort of "minimum requirements for perfect performance"? Including hardware and software.

I want to know if I can build some cheap PC purely for using TeamViewer to remote into a computer in another room (we're not an AC-down-to-a-chilly-70-degrees family so my 3rd floor computer room gets pretty hot in summer, and don't want to always be in the same chair anyway). I want to have virtually ONLY a mouse, keyboard, and monitor(s) set up somewhere as a terminal to the main computer..

It needs to be smooth enough at top quality so I have no need to go to the main PC - that means also playing back video. I know TeamViewer can stream video smoothly, but IIRC, it has a slight delay that puts it out of sync with the audio, so I have the side question if there's any way to fix that - even if means delaying audio somehow.

Even if it means forgetting about video, I have no idea if something like a Rasberry Pi would be powerful enough for smooth use on 2 or 3 monitors.

So, can anyone help with ideas on what could work?

When it comes to the OS (since I'm sure a lightweight OS is necessary), I'm not a huge Linux guy yet, so I don't want anything too complex like anything requiring complex setup, terminal typing, building anything, etc. Lightweight Linux distros I have installed and explored are MX-15, Zorin Lite, Puppy, LXLE, Porteus, and slightly heavier ones are Manjaro, ChaletOS, SolydXK, and of course the Ubuntu family.

I'm also aware of Porteus Kiosk for making a web browser kiosk, I wonder if that or something similar could be used for a TeamViewer Terminal / Kiosk / Station.


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Re: Optimal TeamViewer Requirements / Building a TeamViewer Terminal

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Probably not what you want to hear...

I have some experience helping drafters connect to workstations running CAD software, and it doesn't work well.

I have used TeamViewer on some old, slow, outdated computers - and it works! At least well enough for tech support. But the drafters that try to run CAD on a coorporate workstation and use it via TeamViewer are usually disapointed with the quality. It's just not the same.

By the time you set up a computer that can handle 3 monitors, you are prbably better off running video locally.

If you are on the same LAN and running Windows on both ends, you may have better luck remote desktop.

I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.
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Re: Probably not what you want to hear...

Thanks, I appreciate the example as you understand my hope, but I already know TeamViewer works pretty well for me, making it my first choice to see if I can realize my dream of having a terminal / kiosk to a main computer. I expect to figure out my range of use through experience, I just want to know if anyone can provide some set of requirements and guidelines to get me started.

I'm not really expecting to do precision work such as music or photoshop remotely, but I'm hoping for most of the other, regular daily stuff of browser and office applications.

I know even my old Dell Optiplex GX270 (1.25 GB RAM) and Inspiron 6000 laptop (512MB RAM) running distros like those listed before run Teamviewer pretty well and video is usually smooth.

  • I don't know how to compare that to other specs, like if I were to shop for a cheap old laptop.
  • I don't know if a Raspberry Pi, C.H.I.P., etc. is too far of an underpowered extreme, or if their capabilities rival or even beat the 12-yr old tech of that Inspiron and Optiplex.
  • I don't know if there's a way to make the audio sync with lagging video
  • I don't know really know what specs are important and how much more demanding an extra monitor is (a dual-monitor terminal should suffice)
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Re: Probably not what you want to hear...

Hm, CHIP and Raspberry Pis don't support dual monitors, so short of some small / old laptop/netbook, I'll have to look at other options.

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Re: Optimal TeamViewer Requirements / Building a TeamViewer Terminal

So, whether I go for a single-monitor setup, or get an SBC that is more powerful than the Pi and does support dual-monitors,

the question still stands:

How can I judge the hardware for teamviewer use? 

What hardware specs and software requirements get teamviewer streaming smoothly?