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SLES15 [] [No UI] [$DISPLAY :0]

Hello Team,

I do have a problem using teamviewer using Linux SLES15
because on non-graphical mode.


It seems that when I execute teamviewer on terminal or click the teamviewer UI.
it wont show the GUI, however it shows that the teamviewer is running. 

I am using teamviewer not on headless mode, it is just the way we login is run level 3, console login then we will exedcute startx to enter the gnome desktop.


non-graphical loginnon-graphical login

it will only show like this, when I have executed teamviewerit will only show like this, when I have executed teamviewer


On graphical login 


the teamviewer UI will show.

My concern is, how to fix this problem that the teamviewer UI will only work on graphical login, but not on non-graphical login.

(non-graphical is where i need to execute startx before I will get in to gnome)

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Re: SLES15 [] [No UI] [$DISPLAY :0]

Additional Image  that shows teamviewer and the processes running Capture.PNG