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Posted by CheTa

Screen Hang Ubuntu 16.04 Multiple NIC


I have Ubuntu 16.04 server with multiple NIC. 

The problem I have is I can remote in to my server but screen hang.

After I run command "teamviewer daemon stop" and "teamviewer daemon start". It will solve the problem for 4 - 5 days before it happen again.

How can I overcome this problem?


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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Screen Hang Ubuntu 16.04 Multiple NIC

Hi CheTa,

I think it has nothing to do with the amount of NICs you have.
But I would need other information to judge what could be the problem.
Which exact version of TeamViewer are you using?
In case you are on TV13, try to swich between client and Host, just to let me know if that makes any difference (you can do a simple apt install teamviewer [-host]).

What exactly do you mean with screen hang? Are you connecting to the login screen? The lock screen? The command line? Does it  hang immediately or after some time? Does it only hang remotely or also locally?

Linux Developer
Posted by CheTa

Re: Screen Hang Ubuntu 16.04 Multiple NIC

Hi DanielStm,

Im using version 12.0.85001 wine-1.6,

I mean, I can connect to my client. But my client screen hang, freeze and I cant controlled it. I log into the desktop screen. It hang immediately. It hang remotely.


Posted by chazerc777

Re: Screen Hang Ubuntu 16.04 Multiple NIC

I have this same problem on an Ubuntu desktop with only 1 NIC. daemon stop/start fixes it temporarily as well.