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Posted by nik0laus

TV13 not working well on my laptop

I;m facing a problem with TV13 on my laptop HP nx5000 wich running Mint 18.2 xfce 32bit. I downloaded and installed the latest package 13.0.5693.i386.deb but when I launch the application and the window opens , it's transparent and I can't see anything but the border of the window andthe buttons for minimize -maximize -close of it at the top right corner.

On another old laptop running the same OS everything is a OK





1 Reply
1 Reply
Posted by RKLNL

Re: TV13 not working well on my laptop

Has no one found a solution to this issue during the past two months?

I too have had to upgrade from a working TV12, to TV13 on my Mint 17.1 32-bit XFCE laptop, and can only open transparent windows.