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TeamViewer 14 on Ubuntu 18.10, signed into My Computers but not listed as one


I just installed Teamviewer 14 on a new install of Ubuntu 18.10.

I added it to My Computers by signing in with my email address and password.

It sent me the verification email below (which may I ask why the Teamviewer client makes you enter your email address and password but then CLEARS the password out requiring you to enter it again after you add that device as trusted using the link in the email? This is VERY frustrating!)

Anyway, I then re-entered my password again and got into the Teamviewer client, and although I can see the list of all of my other computers, I cannot see this Ubuntu computer in my computer list (both on this computer nor on any of the other computers).

After entering my password into the client the first time and responding to the email, I chose the "Ignore" (rather than the "Retry") button on the dialog box on the Ubuntu computer, which then prompted me to enter my password the second time.

Can you please offer some advice as to what I've done wrong?

Thank you very much for your time and help!

Begin forwarded message:

From: "TeamViewer Sign In Confirmation" <>
Date: April 3, 2019 at 7:03:41 AM EDT
To: Removed
Subject: Device authorization needed
Reply-To: "TeamViewer Sign In Confirmation" <>


Your account was used to sign in on this device recently: Removed
TeamViewer ID: Removed
Location: Removed

We could not verify if your account has been used on this device before.
To ensure your account's security, you need to add this device to your trusted devices before you can complete the sign in.
Please follow the link to add this device to your trusted devices: Add to trusted devices

If you did not try to sign in on this device or you are unsure, we recommend that you change your account password to keep your data safe.

Please note: TeamViewer will never ask for your login information.

Your TeamViewer Team

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Tel. +49 (0)7161 60692 50 * Fax +49 (0) 7161 60692 79

Registration AG Ulm HRB 534075 * CEO: Oliver Steil, CFO: Stefan Gaiser