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TeamViewer auto connection from command line

Hey there,

I use Teamviewer at work via NinjaRMM, and I'm trying to get the teamviewer10:// link to work on Ubuntu. Wondering the Linux client has implemented the same command line options as on the Windows version so that I can create a script to launch teamviewer correctly using the information from the link.

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Re: TeamViewer auto connection from command line

I have a similar use case on a different RMM platform (SyncroMSP) using the same teamviewer10:// URL format.

I had a working method back on Solarwinds RMM using a custom .tvc file handler which I documented in a now obsolete blog post from 2014. You can find it by searching for "GFI takecontrol for linux", but it hasn't been relevant since we got the welcomed native Linux client in TV13.

I'd love to be able to put together a handler for teamviewer10:// URLs that worked with the Linux client. One click access from my RMM would not only add convenience, but also provides additional assurance that the connection is being made to the correct device.