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Teamviewer 8 on Linux Mint 19 -64 bits

Hello. I have a license for Team Viewer 8 and I'm trying to get it to work with new Linux Mint 19 (Tara)

I have installed with command: sudo dpkg -i teamviewer8_linux.deb, but the GUI is not open. Daemon seems not up. Below is a log from the crash:

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Any idea what is going wrong?

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Posted by Joufranco

Re: Teamviewer 8 on Linux Mint 19 -64 bits

I tryed install with teamviewer_linux.taz.gz.., now de error is:

root@jou-pc:/home/jou# teamviewer -f --daemon enable

Checking setup...
Launching TeamViewer...
Daemon not running!
Starting network process... pid 22869
Network process already started (or error)