Posted by CiaranWelsh

Teamviewer Bugs between Windows and Linux.

I am using TeamViewer 14  to connect from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 18.04 (which has two monitors connected to it). There are several problems that seem to be preventing me from using this software.

Sometimes when I try to connect I get a Stuck at "initializing display parameters" message and then nothing else happens. Sometimes teamviewer actually connects and shows me the remote screen but does not let me control it. It looks as though keyboard and mouse input is still forwarded onto the remote machine because if I press (say) ctrl + Alt + T to open terminal on the remote machine, the terminal opens, but it is *not* shown until I reestablish the connection. I think what is happening here is that the screen is frozen on connection, even though it is still possible to control the remote machine. 

Any help would be appreciated.