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Posted by Myzhar

Teamviewer host for Ubuntu arm64

I saw that there is available for download a version of Teamviewer Host for  armv7 32bit.

Since arm64 systems are gaining popularity (Nvidia Jetson, ODROID, PINE64, ecc) will TeamViewer be available for ARM 64bit embedded board?

Thank you

4 Replies
Posted by scook17

Re: Teamviewer host for Ubuntu arm64

I came here looking for Jetson TX2 support. Given there is Android and Linux support, is it so hard to provide an arm64 binary? I am sure a lot of people would use it.


Posted by mrhide

Re: Teamviewer host for Ubuntu arm64

I couldn't agree more. We want Teamviewer on arm64 ! :D

Posted by Buoyancy

Need ARM 64 support

I am a jetson TX2 user and teamviewer for arm 64 will be really helpful!

Please make developers see this!

Posted by tbuckley

Re: Need ARM 64 support

Oct 4 2019 Is there a build/solution available yet?