Posted by kentchristopher

Teamviewer no longer starting on boot, manual start shows no ID

I have an old laptop running Linux Mint setup at my parent's house which I log in to with TeamViewer for managing some things on their home network. Today I logged in successfully and, while logged in, decided to install updates. It was a long list of updates and I'm guessing further down the list one of those updates was for TeamViewer, as the connection suddenly died.

I had my mother restart the laptop but the device no longer showed up on my end, suggesting it isn't running automatically anymore. I had her launch it manually. She had to click on Agree to the terms, and once on the main screen, she saw the Your ID field but it was blank - no number for me to use to try to connect. I had her reboot again, still didn't show up on my end, and when launched manually it again prompted her to accept the terms. Still no ID number though.

Anyone know what's gone wrong? I'm assuming the only course of action is to uninstall TeamViewer and reinstall it. I know I've had problems recently with a different Linux device when there was a slight version difference (both v13). The version on my end is 13.1.8286. Not sure on that end.