Posted by Bluebandit

Teamviewer windows all white



I have been trying to get teamviewer working on an older pc. It is an amd Athlon 3000+. I originally started with the 64 bit version of ubuntu 16.04.4 but since switched to 32 bit version as i could not get plex media server to run on the 64 bit ver switching to the 32 bit ver fixed the plex media server issue, however in both the 64 bit and the 32 bit when i launch teamviewer it goes to a black screen and then if i click the screen it will come up with the window for it but the entire teamviewer window is white, all the other things on the screen are normal, icons, taskbar ect. when checking the teamviewer service it shows it started properly.I am using the latest version of teamviewer.*.deb package v13.1.3026

I've tried searching google and all i found was something in regard to this with an old version of teamviewer and an earlier version of ubuntu.

Any help would be appreciated.