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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

[Update: Linux 12.0.85001] Bugfix for "unmute microphone"

Hi everybody,

we have just released an update for TeamViewer, which fixes a superfluous message box when connecting from Linux to macOS or Windows.
It's just a little bugfix release, removing some annoyance for people who regularly connect to non-Linux systems.

As we had focused development on the TeamViewer Host for Linux, this bug fix took us a while, admittedly.
The next update will be quicker. Promise.

As usual, downloads can be found here:

Happy remote controlling!

All the best,

Linux Developer
1 Reply
1 Reply
Posted by jelabarre59

Re: [Update: Linux 12.0.85001] Bugfix for "unmute microphone"

Tested it against a couple MSWin machines (MSW7 & MSW10) from my LinuxMint 18.2 system and the unmute microphone is gone.

It wasn't a question of a "nuisance" message, but rather that it looked and felt like a potential security hole.  So I'm hoping you simply haven't hidden the prompt but left the hole there.