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Where do file transfers form windows to linux go?

Hi, I transfered a very large file from a windows machine to a Kubuntu using TeamViewer file transfer into "/" in the teamview transfer window, now I can't find where that is on my drive.  Other fiolders that appear in the dialogue are "Program Files", "TeamViewer", "users" and "windows".  None of these seem to exist when I search for them on Dolphin.  can anyone tell me if this file even on my drive or did it go into a virtual WINE drive somewhere? 

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RE: Where do file transfers form windows to linux go?

Dear td0g

Thank you for your Post.

I asked our linux specialist to test file transfer with the same conditions. It worked without complications and the data file was shown in the appropriate folder. Our test environment was TeamViewer 12.

Could you please try a file transfer with version 12?! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Where do file transfers form windows to linux go?

Make sure you have Dolphin set to "show hidden files" in preferences.

Sometimes when I cannot find where a download or transfer went is to do the operation a second time and monitor the settings a little closer.

I use Porteus Linux, and in the Dolphin sidebar there is "Root" , but when I click on it there is another "root" with a lower case "r" . You might try to look there.

I also have unintentionally sent files to the Wine folders: C or other drives or folders. Do a Dolphin search for your file and make sure you include all locations possible, and include hidden and system files.


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Re: RE: Where do file transfers form windows to linux go?

Same problem - similar contents in the save directory, i.e. it seemed to have a program files folder, a users folder, and a windows folder.   Might be worth noting to your linux expert that in my particular situation this is an upgrade from previous Teamviewer versions - some of which ran on wine.  I'm almost positive this one is -not- running on wine however (though the presence of the windows folder in the directory would seem to indicate that might not be true).

And yes - running Teamviewer 12.