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Windows Remote Reboot "automatic reconnect" Feature Still Missing 20190131

TeamViewer 12 now requires the following terminal commant to be entered into Terminal to work on up-to-date Linux (Debian based) Operating System as Root User... sudo teamviewer daemon restart otherwise it will not be able to connect to the TeamViewer Servers as TeamViewer 12 can not "grab" the Internet Connection. TeamViewer 12 is no longer in development and so this will not be fixed.

TeamViewer 13 and now 14 are still incomplete and for over a year I have paid for a Professional Licence so I can use TeamViewer 13 and 14. What is missing is the feature available in TeamViewer 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 where when we issue a Remote Reboot on a Remote Windows Operating System and we are prompted to automatically reconnect to that Remote Machine after the reboot. As a IT Technician I rely on this feature to do my job and always have!

How long must we constantly wait for a full and feature rich version of TeamViewer 13 or 14 to be released that is simply able to perform the same tasks as their predecessors? This is interfering with my business and my ability to provide stable Remote Support Services. Others, including myself have paid for something we have been unable to use and still can not fully use. You have no issue in demanding we pay the invoices you send us to use this service and yet this service has not been ready and is still not fully ready after 13 months.

You used to have pride in your software and over the last 13 months you have demanded we pay, which we have and you have built the software around us and it is still incomplete. It is time to stop dissappointing us Linux Users and just provide us with a fully feature rich product that is able to equal its predecessors and then you can start to focus on new features and enhancements.

We have paid so it is well overdue you do your part and give us what we have paid for!!!

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Reply from TeamViewer

Dear Dom,

Thank you very much for sending us these Feature Requests.

I will forward your suggestion to our product management.
Such ideas are always welcome, although I cannot promise when or if this Feature will be implemented, as the decision is based on public demand.

Nevertheless, your feedback is very important to us as we want to continue to develop TeamViewer based on our user's needs and demands.
We will be happy to inform you about realisation of this feature.

If you have any further questions on our product, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

Support Engineer


I am not asking for a NEW FEATURE to be added to TeamViewer 13 and 14!!! I am asking for the same features and functions to be available in TeamViewer 13 and 14 that were in TeamViewer 8, 9 10, 11 and 12. Why have the possibility to conduct a Remote Reboot on a Windows Operating System without the potential to automatically reconnect to the remote Windows Operating System to continue our Remote Session? We could just click on the Start menu and conduct a normal Reboot on the remote Windows Operating System. This is a blatant incomplete feature the developers hoped we would not notice was missing and I am fed up with incomplete versions and features missing in TeamViewer 13 that has been passed onto TeamViewer 14.

Have some respect for us Linux Users who you have forced to wait for over a year to provide us with a bare basic working native version of TeamViewer for Linux. Any of us serious users who provide Remote Support are having to hang onto the last version of TeamViewer that came out with all the necessary features and services which was TeamViewer 12.

Stop disrespecting us Linux Users and in doing so disrespecting our businesses and at least finish a full & feature rich version of TeamViewer 14 that has all the features of TeamViewer 8, 9, 10, 11 and finally the last decent version of TeamViewer being version 12.

You are a better business than this and it is time to start behaving the way you used to before the development of TeamViewer 13 and the total **bleep** that it has been for over an entire year where the incompleteness has been inherited by TeamViewer 14. Are your Linux Developers so overwhelmed that they can not finish what they started or have your development team been so focused on the Windows Version you just do not care about us Linux Users?


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Feature Still Missing

I have checked TeamViewer 14.1.9025 on 23-Feb-2019 and there is still the ability to conduct a "Remote Reboot" but the necessary feature to be automatically reconnected to the Remote Windows Computer after the reboot is missing. Back to the feature rich TeamViewer 12 until the clowns get TeamViewer 14 completed!

How do the developers of TeamViewer expect us to reconnect to a Remote Windows Machine after a Remote Reboot when TeamViewer generates a new random password and the feature to automatically be reconnected is missing? Not all my clients want me to use a static password and to have TeamViewer running on System Boot into Windows.

Why have the option for a Remote Reboot if you are not going to have the feature to automatically reconnect after the Remote Reboot has occured?