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Posted by Plum117

Windows as host controlling ubuntu with ctrl + alt + o output symbol §

I'm using teamviewer under windows to control my laptop which is on ubuntu 18.04 and each time I try crtl + alt + o (letter o) it output the symbol § instead of doing the action of my intellij software.

Note that the symbol § is also output in the terminal so it is not intellij the problem here.

While I'm here, another problem is that the windows key does nothing insteand of opening the search.

Finally, when doing crtl + backspace in a text nothing happens instead of erasing the last word written.

Does it happen to anyone else? Is there any possible team viewer's configuration to make the keystrokes work as expected?

Windows 11 team viewer version: 14.1.3399 (same on ubuntu 18.04)


1 Reply
1 Reply
Posted by Plum117

Re: Windows as host controlling ubuntu with ctrl + alt + o output symbol §

Note that this is related to the keyboard mapping done by teamviewer between windows and linux.

In windows I use  use the French (Canada) keyboard with English system language while in Ubuntu, I'm also using French (Canada) with English system language.

If in windows I change the keyboard from French (Canada) to English (United State), then in Ubuntu it is now mapping to the right shorcut (even though I keep French (Canada) in ubuntu. However, the windows key still do not map correcly.