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Posted by jochendaum

XUbuntu/ tar.gz - unattended access - "not properly installed"

On a fresh XUbuntu 16.04 install I have installed Teamviewer 11 from tar.gz, because I have run into the problem with Teamviewer not connecting that has been mentioned in this forum in various topics.

Now, when I try to setup unattended access - ie. just a permament password I get a message that Teamviewer is not properly installed.

Installation from deb has gone into /opt/teamviewer, so I have moved this aside and unpacked the tar into the same folder location.

I have this script to start Teamviewer up:


Description = TeamViewer remote control daemon
After = NetworkManager-wait-online.service dbus.service
Wants = NetworkManager-wait-online.service
Requires = dbus.service

Type = forking
PIDFile = /var/run/
ExecStart = /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/teamviewerd -d
Restart = on-abort
StartLimitInterval = 60
StartLimitBurst = 10

WantedBy =

Any ideas?


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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: XUbuntu/ tar.gz - unattended access - "not properly installed"

Dear jochendaum,

Thank you for your post.

I better suggest you use TeamViewer 12 Host.

It's native and provides unattended access.

You may download it from


Hope this post helps you.


Best regards,


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Posted by jochendaum

Re: XUbuntu/ tar.gz - unattended access - "not properly installed"


I only have a licence for teamviewer 11, will Teamviewer 11 host work better with the connection problem?