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Posted by earlytrader

access to teamviewer-host on odroid xu4


I have successfully installed teamviewer-host on an odroid XU4 and have configured it via the command line (GUI gives a segmentation fault) and added it to my teamviewer account. 

I can see the odroid, which has access to the internet via a non-public IP (the mobile operator does not allocate a public IP address) on my laptop when I open the teamviewer app. I also added it to the list of trusted devices.

When trying to connect, there is an authentication error: "Verbindung nicht hergestellt - Authentifizierung abgebrochen". 

Can anyone give me a hint what I could do to overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, earlytrader



When I am not logged in on the odroid, I can actually connect to it. I see the login screen. As soon as I login, the connection is stalled. 

If I re-initiate the connection the error as described above is shown again. 


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1 Reply
Posted by earlytrader

Re: access to teamviewer-host on odroid xu4

The odroid is running on ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver)