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"Segmentation fault: error

"Segmentation fault" bug

Hi all,

I have encountered an error when running teamviewer heedlessly that upon further research, appears to be a bug, according to this post, but was fixed. The exact output received is this:


Please enter your e-mail / username: someusrnm@somedomainname.somedomainextension

Please enter your password:

Initiating sign in

Segmentation fault

I have installed this through the tarball on Manjaro Linux, which is based on Arch Linux.

Am I doing something wrong or has the bug arisen again?



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3 Replies
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Re: "Segmentation fault: error

Got the same problem on Ubuntu 18.10

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Re: "Segmentation fault: error

I have the same problem with Ubuntu 16.04

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Re: "Segmentation fault: error

I also have the same fault on Ubuntu 18.10. Fresh install and still encountered the same issue. Issue happens when run with root account or sudo account. sudo teamviewer setup Enter username Enter Password "Initiating sign in" "Segmentation error" Then it kicks you out of the application and back to the command line.