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v13 - cmd line: teamviewer --desktop --control tvcontrol.tvc

It seems the switchs in Linux doesn't work any longer with teamview 13 - teamviewer_13.0.6634_amd64.deb?

Is there a work around, or is this a known bug?

----------------- tvcontrol.tvc contains ----------------
Replaced with XXXXXXXXXXXX

[TeamViewer Configuration]
[Customer Configuration]
[Sign Configuration]

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2 Replies
Posted by tkintenn

Re: v13 - cmd line: teamviewer --desktop --control tvcontrol.tvc

Hopefully you get a response to this. We were looking at Teamviewer to replace our current solution, for our technicians, but we're all linux and it doesn't seem to work well at all. Our MSP software will produce a tvc file but in our testing teamviewer 13 doesn't work.

When we tried to downgrade to teamviewer 12, it won't run at all once we've installed 13 on a system.

It appears they are abandoning Linux support, as I don't see any real responses from their support team.

Posted by hagels

Re: v13 - cmd line: teamviewer --desktop --control tvcontrol.tvc

Since teamviewer 13.2 it is not longer based on wine. There is now a native Client based on Qt and the tvc file Support is missing in the native Client. The last wine based Version was 13.1

Hopefully the feature will get it in the native Client quickly