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TV Host: how to pick-up Android mouse pointer by PC mouse ?


I'm using TV Host on an Android device successfully. Everything is ok, but I don't know
how to show the mouse pointer of TV on PC at the Android screen. My intention
is to support a tablet user from TV on PC. The problem is, on tablet screen the user
can not follow what I'm doing at his tablet. Vice versa if I want to see what the user
exactly does, I can not follow.
I know if an addition mouse is connected to the tablet and if it is used, I can follow the
steps of the tablet user at PC. But I don't want to connect a mouse to the tablet.
But even that would not fit my first requirement.

Is there something I can do to be able to show at least my PC mouse pointer at the tablet
screen anyhow? Or is it possible to pick up the tablet mouse by the PC mouse and vice-versa?

Thank you.

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TeamViewer Staff

Re: TV Host: how to pick-up Android mouse pointer by PC mouse ?

Hi roty,

Thanks for posting!

With Android devices, TeamViewer transmits commands as "Touch" interactions. Because of this, TeamViewer only transmits information when a tclick is actually made. The only time this isn't true is when, like you mentioned, a mouse is connected and the remote side goes into mouse control mode which is a different selection method on the remote side.

So unfortunately, what you are after is not a faeture of TeamViewer as we cannot tell the device that a peice of hardware is connected when it isn't.

I am sorry for any dissapointment.


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