Posted by mhofert

Copy-paste not working when connected to an Android device (running QuickSupport) from a Mac (running Teamviewer)


I am running Teamviewer 13.1.4170 on macOS 10.14.4 to connect to an Android phone (Samsung Note 9) running QuickSupport. The connection works great, I mostly use it to run Termux on the Android phone from macOS. However, if I copy text on macOS to paste it into Termux (or any other text input field such as a new email), the pasting fails. To be more precise, "CMD+ v" makes a 'v' appear in the text box of the respective app and the display would switch to the homescreen. 

How can copy-paste be enabled when working remotely on Android from Teamviewer on the Mac?

I tried the Actions -> Send key combinations (in Teamviewer on the Mac) and Preferences -> Advanced -> Use control and mouse-click as right mouse-click, but neither had an effect. Also, Teamviewer -> Edit -> Copy and Teamviewer -> Edit -> Paste are both greyed out.

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