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Remote Webcam View?

Let me make this simple.

I acess my Home PC with my Android device remotely and I want to be able to view whats being recorded/shown on my webcam too.

On the home pc i can see my webcam video but on the android device it's a grey/textured screen with NO VIDEO.

Is there anyway around this? I've googled, read manuals and even checked on here but i can't figure it out.

EDIT: I can view the webcam when i launch a windows camera application but still unable through the Teamviewer application.

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Posted by moonkrj

Re: Remote Webcam View?

I upgraded mine to Teamviewer 9 and there's still no way to change that. Perhaps, these are privacy related issues. I hear that Teamviewer 10 may have the solution. Or perhaps, it may be a new Windows Creators update (as mentioned in the thread).

Currently thinking about PetCam do my project assignment with Teamviewer.

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Re: Remote Webcam View?

It was cheap and easy and with No-IP, you can check in online, even if you have one of those pesky dynamic IPs.