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TeamViewer for iOS V3

I am using TeamViewer for iOS V3 on an iPhone Xr with iOS 12.1.2 (latest version) installed. When connecting to my Mac Mini running MacOS 10.6.8 (Running TeamViewer 9.0.43731, the latest that can be installed) I no longer see a cursor when connected (iPhone to Mac Mini). This is a new issue, seemingly related to the the new iPhone Xr. I seldom use this connection configuration, but am quite sure my previous iPhone 8 (probably with TeamViewer V3 and perhaps iOS 11...not totally sure??) worked fine. A cursor was fully visable on the iPhone. Obviously not seeing a cursor makes the remote connection unusable.

Might anyone have seen this issue or have any thoughts on what might be the problem? Thanks much...

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Re: TeamViewer for iOS V3

Hello @GS1968

Thank you for your message.

Has your issue been fixed by the minor updates we have shipped in the meantime?

Many thanks in advance for your answer.



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