Posted by TilgazTizi

When is a REAL BB10 version coming out

I have 2 questions.
I installed TeamViewer on my modified Z10 which allows me to sideload apps from the Play store. When I ran it I got a message saying that I needed to go to Blackberry World to download the Blackberry app.  So I uninstalled it and proceeded to install from BB World.
Lo and behold, as soon as it started I got a pop-up saying that "Teamviewer relies on Google Play services which is not suppoprted by your device. Contact the manufacturer for assistance".
I get this message with other apps as well and just ignore it because they all run fine anyway.
The question is, in what universe does a BB app require Google Play services. If I download an app from BB World I expect it to run on my Z10 without these notifications.  

Question 1: When is there going to be a REAL BB version of this app??

Although the warning keeps popping up every time, the TeamViewer app also works.  However, on Youtube is a video showing how to control your Android device using TeamViewer.  To allow remote control, the desktop version needs the ID on the Android and the Password, just like what you see on the desktop version.  Unfortunately, unlike on the Youtube video, no ID information or password shows up in the app and the only functionality I have is to access my desktop from my Z10.
Question 2: Is it not possible to control my Z10 from my desktop?