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2 instances of tv running

We were recently hacked and now I see there are 2 instances of TV appearing in my list for the same server - they have different ID's - how do I delete them and start again to ensure it is not compromised? And are there any security issues with TV7?

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Re: 2 instances of tv running

Hi @murray,

First of all, yes TeamViewer 7 is very secure and there are no known security issues with it. However, as with all versions of TeamViewer, you should be using the latest available build of version 7, which is build 7.0.43148 (for Windows). The latest builds of each version contain all the patches and improvements available for that version. We don’t provide support for the older builds.

Regarding the two instances of your server that are appearing in your Computers & Contacts list – is it possible that one is the Server ID and the other is a User ID of that server?

If you connect to the server in question, and open the TeamViewer window there, you should see a little blue lightbulb icon next to the ID. When you click on this icon you will get a tooltip that tells you what the Server ID is. The Server ID is the ID you should save to your own Computers & Contacts list for connecting to the server console.

If you need further help with that, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket to us via https://www.teamviewer.com/support and we can assist further.

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