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24/24 remote access to my PC with free licence


I have teamviewer 13 on my PC running Windows 10 Family and I would like to have 24h/24h access to my PC from my iphone. 

After a while the password change and I get logged off. How can I do to disable the password changes?


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PS: I have a free licence private use

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Re: 24/24 remote access to my PC with free licence

Hi @TCSenningerberg,

Thank you for your post. 

If you assign your device to your own TeamViewer account and enable "Grant easy access" in the options, you will have unattended access even if the random password changes. 

You have also the possibility to set a personal password under "Extras" --> "Options" --> "Security" --> "Personal password (for unattended access)". Then you just have to enter this password, when you connect to a remote device. 

Hope this could help. Wish you a great day. 

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