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Posted by Sergey

A LAN is not working the sound

Hello I have a problem, did teamviewer through wi fi LAN, with a smartphone to your computer. Everything works, but the sound of the computer on your smartphone can not be played. And everything is fine over the Internet plays. You do not know what can be done? This is a program error or something I did wrong?
When you check, on both computers so.

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Posted by Former Staff Katharina
Former Staff

Re: A LAN is not working the sound

Hi Sergey, 

Thank you for your post!

What you described is actually expected behaviour. 

Unfortunately, this feature does not work through LAN only. If you wish to have the computer's sounds on your smartphone, this will only work via an internet connection.

If you would like us to look into whether it would be possible to implement this or similar features in future versions of TeamViewer, feel free to post on our Feature Requests board!

All the best, 


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Posted by Drynn

Re: A LAN is not working the sound

How exactly is this "Expected Behavior"?  Is there a business reason why Audio would be disabled via LAN?  Because there is no technological reason it should be disabled...

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Posted by REDW4RRiOR

Re: A LAN is not working the sound

i agreed with what you said above.. this should be implemented.