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Active Windows / Z-Order

Hello everyone!

I'm using Teamviewer 7 on Win7 x64, with the free license (private device) and a corporate licence (work device). On both I'm havin trouble with program windows not coming to the foreground when clicked in the Windows taskbar. I need to either minimize all other Windows in front of what I'm looking for or use the Windows taks manager on the remote computer to switch to the window I want to use. Locally, neither device ever has that trouble, only in a remote session from Teamviewer.

Anyone got an idea whats wrong?

Edit: Narrowed it down to grouped windows on the taskbar. If I turn off grouping program windows, or have single windows, I can click them fine and bring them to the front. As soon as two or more Windows are grouped, it doesn't work, and I cannot right click those either.