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Add device to specific Group


i've this kind of problem.

I have to operate adding or editing a contact on a specific group. The request is made from an account authenticated via OAuth2 for application which issues the type of user token and requires the ability to fully manage the contact list.

The work involves:
- 1 Reading with specific remote presence device id;
- 2 (If present) cancellation of the specific device id recovered before;
- 3 New remote id added alias / description / preset group.

In some cases I would point out the execution of these two operations but can not justify

1) GET 

2) not operate delete

3) POST {"error":"internal_error","error_description":"This buddy is already in the buddy list of the group owner.","error_code":3}

There are elements that I'm overlooking?

Thanks in advance


Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder